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Hotel Melby Remains Unaffected by Hurricane Dorian

September 6, 2019, Melbourne, Florida. Many residents and businesses on Florida’s east coast recently braced for Hurricane Dorian, which was predicted to be one of the most severe storms to hit Florida in many years. Luckily, Hurricane Dorian showed mercy to the entire state by changing courses just hours before the storm was set to hit, thus avoiding major damage. The LCP Group, L.P.’s (LCP) latest investment property, Hotel Melby,

Florida’s Space Coast Economy Blasts Off

The Washington Post calls it the “comeback coast” — for good reason. After falling into a state of decline, the Florida Space Coast is booming once again thanks to a number of private space companies and other startups setting up shop at the Kennedy Space Center and surrounding region in Brevard County. The investment money is pouring in, stimulating a rapid revitalization of the birthplace of America’s Space Age. In July 2019, Lockheed Martin moved its

101 Real Estate Investing Glossary

New to real estate investing? Use this 101 glossary to learn more about common real estate investment management terms. Download PDF Back to Articles

Aneliya Georgieva Joins LCP

Ani Georgieva has joined LCP as the Vice President of Digital Marketing. Ani will spearhead our digital capabilities with a focus on the customer experience. Ani comes to us with more than a decade of experience building and managing digital infrastructures for ecommerce, B2B, and B2C. She has broad experience across all digital channels and a solid track record of producing results to drive a superior customer experience. Ani holds

Silicon Valley On The Beach

What do Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Tesla’s Elon Musk and Lockheed Martin all have in common? They, along with a dozen or so aerospace and defense companies, are investing in the Florida Space Coast and/or Melbourne, Florida, as a launch point to advance their missions in space. It’s not surprising that this investment activity is fit to elevate Melbourne as the anchor city of economic growth in the region. And there’s

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